In this year's Central Florida Tech Faire & Hackathon we are looking forward to having a 12-hour "Day of Learning" in addition to a 24-hour hackathon!! The Day of Learning will take place on February 21st, and the Hackathon will take place, February 22-23rd. Consider this "Day of Learning" a computer science workshop marathon! We are here to help you further you cybersecurity skills! There will be crash courses and workshops nearly every hour for 12 straight hours for all experience levels! Our hope is that you use this Day of Learning to learn and practice using new concepts, environments, and languages in computer science before the hackthon, so that when the hackathon begins, you have all 24 hours of the hackathon to apply what you've learned to your project and take breaks to attend tech talks by our professors and sponsors! We are looking to connect proffesionals with employers through our staffing agencies in Florida we are able to place canidates with the best jobs Florida has to offer. Our Hackathon attracks all types of businesses looking to hire professional hackers to protect their own system, so freshen up on your pen testing and qualify you for some of the best remote jobs!

Do I need to bring anything?

Please bring your student ID, laptop, chargers, a change of clothes, your resume, and toiletries (That includes tooth brushes, toothpaste, AND deodarant!). A pillow, sleeping bag or floatie may be useful as well. Let's not forget: You are here for 36 hours in Florida

You do not have to bring a team, idea, food, or any drinks. You can find all of that once you arrive!

Minors (under 18 years old) will need to bring a chaperone. Details are provided on the

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